My Library @Auburn University

End-user computer requirements

To use MyLibrary@Auburn University you only need access to a Web browser. However, some resources will only be available, off-campus, to current AU Faculty, Staff, and Students who have a valid Library ID. The Web browser is the tool used to interface with the system and has to support two basic functions:

  1. Forms - Your browser must support HTML forms where forms provide the ability to complete electronic data-entry fields. All but the oldest of Web browsers support HTML forms.

  2. SSL - SSL is an acronym for Secure Socket Layer, and when you are asked to log into MyLibrary your browser will need to support SSL so your username and password cannot be read by outsiders.

In short, any version of Internet Explorer greater than 2.0 or any version of Netscape Navigator greater than 3.0 will function correctly with MyLibrary@Auburn University.

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NOTE: If you have problems logging in to MyLibrary, send a report to the Library Technology Office.
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