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MyLibrary Shutting Down, August 4th, 2018

Dear MyLibrary users, as you may have read in a previous email, Auburn University Libraries will shut down MyLibrary at the conclusion of Auburn University's 2018 Summer semester, August 4th, 2018.

We are planning on doing this in two stages. Everything will continue to function as-is until May 8th. On May 8th we will turn off all customization features at which point the site will become read-only. Users will be able access their accounts, but won't be able to make changes to their account data.

We plan to leave the website in a read-only state until August 4th giving users time to save or export any of the data in your account that you might want to keep. On August 4th, we shut the site down for good.

An export feature has been added to the list of action links within the Personal Links section of each user's home page. Users can click on the export bookmarks link to create and save a file containing all saved personal bookmark links.

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