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Welcome! MyLibrary is a user-driven, customizable information service providing access to Internet resources

By telling us a bit about yourself, MyLibrary provides the faculty, students, and staff at this institution with the ability to create a portable Web page listing information resources available from the Libraries. A more detailed description is available online. See also the page listing end-user computer requirements.

MyLibrary Computer Requirements

To use MyLibrary all you need is a Web browser. The browser must support cookies and it must be configured to not look in its cache for its content. For more information, see the page listing end-user computer requirements.


The configurations you make to MyLibrary are held in the strictest of confidence. Just as with doctor-patient and lawyer-client relationships, confidentiality is assured for library transactions and inquiries. For more information, see our Privacy Statement.

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NOTE: If you have problems logging in to MyLibrary, send a report to the Library Technology Office.
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